Saba® Diarios® Regular

Daily Use
Saba® Diarios® Regular


During the day your V Zone may perspire and produce secretions, but thanks to Saba® Diarios® Regular Pantiliners, this type of moisture can be kept away, making you feel cleaner and more comfortable. Also, due to its soft cover, Saba® Diarios takes care of your skin.

Use them daily, and change them 3 times a day to feel clean and fresh!

Freedom to feel comfortable. 

During the day, sweat and humidity can be uncomfortable.

Using Saba® Diarios® Regular Pantiliners 3 times a day, you can avoid this discomfort and feel extra fresh.

  • Daily use
  • Soft surface

Saba® Diarios® Regular

14 reviews
Paulina Ureña 1 year ago
Love this liners!! They are just amazing :)

Shannon Stratton 5 months ago
Does help u feel clean on those hot sweaty days!

Patricia Matos 5 months ago
Los mejores pantys lainers

5 months ago
Perfect for every day use and comfortable

5 months ago
Keeps you dry when needed

Dennis Williams 4 months ago
Try these pads out ladies they are the best

4 months ago
Good 👍👍 i like . i use everyday....

Shalimar Confesor 3 months ago
I receive the Pad and I like it very comfortable tho use . Thank you Very much ..!