Saba® Diarios Ultra Thin

Daily Use
Saba® Diarios  Ultra Thin


Give Saba® one of your days!

Comfort should be a priority in our lives, and that’s why Saba® Diarios Ultra Thin are your best option to protect your vulva during the day! No more humidity and discomfort. Our liners give you incredible protection, making you feel clean and fresh all day long. 

The best part about Saba® Diarios Ultra Thin is that they are ultra discreet. You can use them while wearing anything you like and you’ll feel #CómodaContigo.

And don’t worry, because we know that the skin of your vulva is delicate, our feminine pads come with a natural extract that takes care of your skin and prevents irritation.

Remember to change them at least 3 times a day to make sure you feel comfortable all day long!

Saba® freedom to feel comfortable. 

Saba® Diarios Ultra Thin

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