1. Who are we?

    Saba® is a feminine care brand that offers feminine pads and liners for ultimate security to every women. We have a single purpose: improve how women live with their periods, offering them products with the best quality.

  2. Why should I choose Saba®?

    We are the only brand with SecureFit™ Technology. This allows the pad to adapt better to your body, making you feel more comfortable and secure.

  3. What’s the difference between Saba® Ultra Invisible and Saba® Buenas Noches?

    Saba® Ultra Invisible helps you feel ultra comfortable all day long because it’s ultra thin, ultra discreet and ultra absorbent; while, Saba® Buenas Noches protects you in those uncomfortable nights, so you can sleep truly comfortable.

    Both of them have our SecureFit™ Technology.

  4. Why should I use Saba® liners?

    Our liners help you feel fresh and comfortable, they keep away humidity caused by your daily activities, and it also takes care of your intimate skin.

  5. I loved the product, where can I get more?

    We're so happy that you feel #CómodaContigo, we can help you find the closest store to you. You just need to contact us at contact@mysaba.com, or send us a DM on FB or IG and we'll be happy to help you.

  6. Can I order a sample?

    We're currently working on our sampling section, stay close to our social media to learn more.