Vaginal health?

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Vaginal health is extremely important in women’s health. Having bad health can affect our fertility, libido, or even our orgasms. 

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Bad vaginal health can also bring stress into our lives and affect how we feel about ourselves. This is what you need to know about vaginal health:

Sex: Unprotected sex can end in an STD, and rough sex can cause a vaginal trauma. 

Pelvic disease: Endometriosis and pelvic inflammatory disease can cause pain while having sex, and some antibiotics can cause a vaginal infection. 

Birth control: Condoms, diaphragm, and spermicide can cause vaginal irritation. Vaginal deodorantsand douching can cause vaginal infections and irritation around your vulva.

It’s important to notice what symptoms can indicate whether something has changed in relation to your vaginal health. If you notice weird colors in your vaginal discharges, redness, itching, spotting between periods, lumps, or intense pain during sex, you should call your doctor ASAP.

How can we have a good vaginal health?

- Responsible sex: Always use condoms to avoid STDs

- Kegel exercise: This can help you tone the muscles around your pelvis.

- And of course, don’t forget your yearly check up with a gynecologist.