Things to know about pubic hair

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Pubic hair indicates the arrival of puberty when our body begins to change and things begin to appear where there weren’t before.

We know that what happens to our body is kind of confusing. Everything happens so fast and its purpose isn’t clear, but you don’t have to worry because we’re going to answer the most common questions about pubic hair.


Is there a reason why we have pubic hair?

Although there are several theories about why pubic hair exists, the most likely and common one is that it protects the genitals from the friction generated by having sex. Another theory says that it’s a sign that you can reproduce, and finally, there’s also a theory that says that pubic hair traps an essence of pheromones to attract a sexual partner.

Can pubic hair change its color?

Just like hair in your head, pubic hair will eventually turn grey as an effect of age, and it’s totally normal. Although that’s not the only reason why hair changes color, it can also happen due to a vaginal infection that expels a very abundant and yellowish discharge that covers the hair and changes its color.

Why is it thicker than any other hair?

It’s just to protect us, avoid infections, bacterias, and friction when having sex with this lightweight hair.

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Waxed or not?

Pubic hair is there for a reason, to protect us from bacteria. It’s okay if you want to be waxed but be careful, it’s really important for you to have good intimate hygiene.

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Ingrown hair?

Buried hair is the result of a clogged pore that doesn’t let the hair out, so it gets trapped inside the skin. If your skin is swollen, we recommend that you see your doctor ASAP!

Now you know the anatomical function of those hairs that arrive unannounced and to stay. If you have any doubts don’t forget that you can write to us!