Spotting between periods?

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You’ve probably had a day where you´re 100% sure your period is not supposed to arrive and suddenly you go to the bathroom, find a weird stain in your underwear and in that moment nothing makes sense. You can’t be on your period and the little blood stain has no explanation, resulting in hundreds of questions and no answers. Don’t worry, we have the information you probably needed about spotting. 


Stress: Anxiety and stress not only have an important role in your mental health, but they can also affect your menstrual cycle. Every single part of our body is connected and if we’re under a lot of stress, our brain communicates with our ovaries, the ovaries with the uterus and together they go a little crazy with our hormones. That’s why the spotting happens. 

Medication: Some types of medicine can affect your menstrual cycle. If you notice some changes in your cycle while taking certain medications, remember to ask your doctor if it’s normal.

Weight changes: If you experience rapid weight loss, your period can be affected, because the body thinks your not entirely healthy and your period can be extremely light.

On the flip side, if you’ve gained some weight, your hormones can go a little crazy, and this can cause random spotting during the month. 

Ovulation: Some women can notice some spotting during the ovulation, and while this doesn't happen to every woman, it’s still pretty common. Remember to use some protection during these days if you’re not looking to get pregnant.  

Pregnancy: The most common thing is to stop menstruating when you’re pregnant, but some women can still have light spotting during the first 12 weeks. If this happens, it’s extremely important to go to your doctor ASAP. 

Now that you know why spotting between periods can happen, remember to go to your doctor if it happens really often.