Periods smell?

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You probably noticed that your period has a particular smell. You probably even get nervous that somebody else can notice it. Don’t worry, this smell is absolutely normal. This is what you need to know.

Menstruation smells

Menstrual blood has a very particular odor, it’s not exactly unpleasant but it’s definitely there. Remember that periods are more than just blood, they consist of tissues, fluids and more. That’s why periods don’t really smell like blood. The intensity of the smell depends on how long it was in the uterus. It’s important to keep in mind that your period shouldn’t smell like fish or something fetid, this could mean a vaginal infection. 

Strong smells can mean that something is wrong

The smell that comes from periods also comes from all the bacteria that accumulate during the menstrual cycle. When we’re on our periods our vagina can retain some humidity and cause a vaginal infection with a really strong and unpleasant smell. If you notice a bad smell, pain, or itchiness, we recommend that you go to your doctor ASAP.

Fresh all day

You can keep yourself fresh all day by changing your pad every 4 hours. Cotton underwear is also a great option to reduce humidity.

If you have an abundant flow, the smell of your period might be stronger. This is because you menstruate more. If you’re worried about the smell you can change your pad even more often.

No douching

Douching can lead to vaginal infections and pH imbalance. We understand that the smell of our periods can be something we worry about. Remember that this smell is very normal and that if you have the right hygiene habits no one is going to notice it.