Masturbation During Menstruation?

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Masturbation (specifically, self-stimulation for sexual pleasure) is a behavior that can lead to orgasm. A person's first orgasm often happens through masturbation, which can be a good way to explore your body and your desires. Knowing how to pleasure yourself can help you feel more comfortable expressing your needs to a sexual partner.

Unfortunately, taboos about masturbation can make people feel embarrassed about doing it. As long as you don't hurt yourself or other people, masturbation is completely safe and nothing to be ashamed of.

Talking about masturbation during your period is even more controversial. The belief that all sexual behavior should be avoided during menstruation is unfounded. There is nothing “dirty” or dangerous about periods or menstrual blood.

Some women even notice heightened arousal during their period.

Let’s get straight to the point: your period is the best time to masturbate. And to be absolutely clear, you should also do it when you are NOT on your period. There are many benefits of masturbating while menstruating, as orgasms not only feel good, but also decrease the pain of menstrual cramps. When you climax, your body releases dopamine and oxytocin, natural pain relievers that can prevent even the strongest pain.

Here are some recommendations that are sure to be very useful:

  • The discharge excreted during arousal, personal lubricant, and/or menstrual blood can make masturbation a more pleasant experience. But before you start, be sure to wash your hands and/or the objects you use to prevent possible vaginal or urethral infections.

  • If you are inserting fingers into your V Zone, keep tissues or wipes handy in case you need to clean up any traces of menstrual blood. If you're bleeding a lot, and are concerned about stains, try putting a towel under you or masturbating in the shower.

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