Feminine Hygiene Before and After Sex

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Good hygiene is essential when you are having sex. Beyond having a positive and pleasurable relationship with your partner, leading a sexually active life means that you take care of your intimate health to avoid discomfort and infections and minimize any odors that could develop and be uncomfortable for your partner.

Being unwashed once you reach the point of intercourse is not unhealthy, but it is advisable to be clean before intercourse to avoid irritations or infections. Wet wipes that are meant for intimate cleansing are perfect for cases like these.

Don’t underestimate the importance of proper hygiene before and after sex, so you can enjoy greater intimacy in a healthier way.

Something that generates a lot of doubt is having sex during your period. In this situation, there is no danger of infections, if neither person has AIDS (sexually transmitted disease due to HIV) but it is preferable to quickly clean up after the act since blood creates a favorable environment for germs to thrive. Click here to learn more about hygiene during your period.

Make sure to consult with your doctor if you suspect you may have an infection caused by improper feminine hygiene before or after sex, or if you suspect you may have caught an STD due to unprotected sex.